• summer yard

    summer yard

    This is the path to what I call our Bistro area. There is a french bistro table and 4 chairs, a hanging concrete face of a man, as well as a zinc sign that is written in french. There used to be an urn with spashing water, but I have become too tired to continue to fill it as well as move the heavy urn and clean the pond out once or twice a year. So with the help of my younger son we filled it in and now it is just an urn. The planter you do see I took from my Mom's house when she died in 1998. It is the same color she had Will paint it. Will was a wonderful man who used to help Dad in the yard, directed by Mom, who I never saw do any yard work. She had the gift of vision, Dad and Will did the hard work.

    The two cannonball lights on the left were used on the streets at night when the city was doing road work. On Pinterest.com they call them smudge pot road flares. They were at Mom and Dad's in the garage. I have never tried to light them. In the bed of hosta's and ferns is a concrete ball as well as concrete bases and concrete architectural pieces. There are 5 large Fatsia's in the back against the beautiful wall that I copied from one I saw in town and had built in stages as we could afford it. Now it mostly encloses our entire yard except for a wooden privacy wall in the back hung with arched mirrors.

  • driftwood mirror

    driftwood mirror

    Not the best photo...so I'll probably take another one. I saw an ad for Ralph Lauren in a magazine and in the ad was a driftwood mirror. I wanted one badly, so when I was at the North Carolina coast I purchased some driftwood that had been found at Fort Fisher. Then back in Charlotte I found more driftwood at the Sleepy Poet. I called my favorite all around handy man and showed him the ad. We laid the driftwood out on the floor and he took it to his shop and made if for me. I love it and it really makes the room special.


  • Vignettes


    Love this concrete oxen and boy with faded blue paint. I used to be in sales and traveled quite a bit. On a trip to Alexandria and Washington I found him in Georgetown behind one of the antique stores. He sits on the hearth next to the brass Adam firebasket purchased at HomeFires in Charlotte when we enlarged our diningroom. I love love love fireplaces and would ideally have one in everyroom, including the bathroom, if I could afford it. sigh.

  • Vignettes


    I love to create little vignettes around the house. I visualize a photographer taking a photo of each set up and I spend time thinking about the best way to make a display on each table in my house.

    While I am doing morning exercises in the living room, I am constantly jumping up to rearrange something. I don't know why. Total impulse. So I decided to get out my Iphone and be the photographer of my own vignettes. 

    Above are grape plates I bought at Replacements in Greensboro and more at an estate sale near home. I love how they look on pottery gold chargers purchased at Target years ago. The placemat is an animal print on one side black on the other.  The tablecloth is a length of material I bought on a sale at a cloth store. I never hem just cut and throw on the table. The beautiful gold napkin rings Mom gave me. The huge white soft monogramed antique cloth napkins I bought at a consignment store. Who cares if there are a few holes in them?... I certainly don't.

  • Christmas and before

    Christmas and before

    Had a blast in New York the first of December with a girlfriend. For 4 days we walked everywhere...one day for 23,586 steps..the other three 18,000 or so. Bought a cool sweater at Rag and Bone and saw Book of Mormon. Fun windows everywhere and everyone seemed in great spirits..except those stuck in the crush around Trump Tower. You couldn't walk past the place without the police checking your bags. We stayed on the other side of the street as we headed up toward the park which wasn't much better. Got caught in a huge crush of lookers on and news people and the naked (almost) cowboy, who evidently shows up everywhere. Poor Tiffanys right next door!

    New York was like a southern town..everyone nice and willing to tell you directions or even walk you to where you wanted to go.

    Back home:

    I had purchased and draped garlands on my pier mirror as well as the large mirror on the dining room, but because is was early in December and the weather had been so warm, they looked sad when I got home. So down they came and I went to the tree lot, told them my situation and she gave me more at half the price, so I bought a small tree also and gave it to my son who lives in a condo nearby. He said the children in the neighborhood love coming over to

  • Halloweens over...getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    Halloweens over...getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    It was with a sigh of relief THIS YEAR that all the Halloween is put away. So many trips to the attic and a basement room-up and down stairs.  My cemetary in the front looked great with an addition of two large skeleton dogs I bought at Grandin Road. And the caged screaming man hanging on the porch was a hit, as always.  I heard many..."your house is the best' s.  The trick or treaters who came this year were all very polite asking how many pieces of candy they could take. Some even picking through looking for their favorite pieces. One little girl dressed as a pig grabbed a handful and ran....hummm.

    Instead of the party of 40 we had 4 couples to dinner. The house was still decorated, but the evening was more fun for us-a lot less work- with a sit down.

    Now the house is stripped bare and I breath a sigh of relief. Something is in the wind. I keep packing bags and boxes and donating to Salvation army. I am going through drawers and cleaning closets.Too much clutter is making me nervous. I love to shop, but I am keeping my favorites and donating or selling my "eehh's."..however THAT is spelled.

    So on to Thanksgiving. 17 are coming. So happy. They are coming, I know, because my sister's "lost" son and his wonderful family are coming-except for the oldest boy who has joined the airforce (godbless him) and my brother's first wife who is driving her sick friend home to be with her family (godbless her also). It should be fun and wild and crazy and lots of catching up around here on Thursday the 24th.

    And lots of cooking (lord help me).

    Here's a photo of one of the tables (there will be two). I just bought a new diningroom table that will seat 12. Its pedestal 1840. Had to shop for 4 yards of material to cover it since my old table was just 96 inches long. But I love this animal fabric. Mary Jo's in Gastonia. drove back yesterday and got the same for the other table. What will I do with the shelves of tableclothes that are too short??? donate, of course. Get em out if I am not using them.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are all Human...lets be kind.

  • Daufuskie


    We've been to Daufuskie Island two times now thanks to great friends. I am in love. Went in May weather was great. Went fishing and taught my girlfriend Wanda to crab...hilarious..she dropped the first chicken drumstick in the water and the biggest crab grabbed it and ran away. He'll never be hungry again! We still caught a cooler full, then we cooked em and cleaned em and my husband made crabcakes..best ever same day crab cakes. Long walks on a nearly deserted beach. Hard rain with frogs croaking so loudly I could barely hear Hunter playing his guitar. No cars, hardly any cell service...riding around in golf carts. carting to Freeport Marina for burgers and music..where boaters from Bluffton gather when they are not on the sandbar. Horse back riding on the beach (not me..other people).

    Where Pat Conroy taught school just out of The Citadel and wrote a memoir "The River is Wide" (which it is really)...a world apart from Bluffton or HIlton Head or Palmetto Dunes. Magnificently run down and peaceful.

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