• mushrooms and moss

    mushrooms and moss

    Somehow I missed taking photos of Halloween this year. We didn't have a party, just a few good friends over for dinner. Our friends don't like to dress up in costume, so I just ask them to wear black to match my table and all my black wonderful Halloween collections. Boy have I spent some money through the years.

    The porch looked great and the kids seemed to love it, so I was happy. It takes me days to decorate, a hundred trips to the attic and back. And it takes me days to put away, trying to keep things organized and labeled and all the trips up and down and into that ole attic. sigh.

    But I have to admit, after weeks covered in Halloween, I am happy just to do a Thanksgiving dining room. AND I find myself trying to "put away" as much as possible in the rest of the house to have a cleaner look. It's so wonderful to have it done.

    My "Calmer" Living Room

    I have probably mentioned these two blogs before, but I am mentioning them again. Cote de Texas


    and http://niagaranovice.blogspot.com Color outside the Lines ( He is also the cross bottle guy)

     I Rreally enjoy both of these and think you will too.

    One other thing. I just picked up my self published creative non-fiction book about my sister. Its a tiny thing, but to me a big accomplishment since I am not really a writer.

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