• summer yard

    summer yard

    This is the path to what I call our Bistro area. There is a french bistro table and 4 chairs, a hanging concrete face of a man, as well as a zinc sign that is written in french. There used to be an urn with spashing water, but I have become too tired to continue to fill it as well as move the heavy urn and clean the pond out once or twice a year. So with the help of my younger son we filled it in and now it is just an urn. The planter you do see I took from my Mom's house when she died in 1998. It is the same color she had Will paint it. Will was a wonderful man who used to help Dad in the yard, directed by Mom, who I never saw do any yard work. She had the gift of vision, Dad and Will did the hard work.

    The two cannonball lights on the left were used on the streets at night when the city was doing road work. On Pinterest.com they call them smudge pot road flares. They were at Mom and Dad's in the garage. I have never tried to light them. In the bed of hosta's and ferns is a concrete ball as well as concrete bases and concrete architectural pieces. There are 5 large Fatsia's in the back against the beautiful wall that I copied from one I saw in town and had built in stages as we could afford it. Now it mostly encloses our entire yard except for a wooden privacy wall in the back hung with arched mirrors.

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