• Vignettes


    I love to create little vignettes around the house. I visualize a photographer taking a photo of each set up and I spend time thinking about the best way to make a display on each table in my house.

    While I am doing morning exercises in the living room, I am constantly jumping up to rearrange something. I don't know why. Total impulse. So I decided to get out my Iphone and be the photographer of my own vignettes. 

    Above are grape plates I bought at Replacements in Greensboro and more at an estate sale near home. I love how they look on pottery gold chargers purchased at Target years ago. The placemat is an animal print on one side black on the other.  The tablecloth is a length of material I bought on a sale at a cloth store. I never hem just cut and throw on the table. The beautiful gold napkin rings Mom gave me. The huge white soft monogramed antique cloth napkins I bought at a consignment store. Who cares if there are a few holes in them?... I certainly don't.

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