• Christmas and before

    Christmas and before

    Had a blast in New York the first of December with a girlfriend. For 4 days we walked everywhere...one day for 23,586 steps..the other three 18,000 or so. Bought a cool sweater at Rag and Bone and saw Book of Mormon. Fun windows everywhere and everyone seemed in great spirits..except those stuck in the crush around Trump Tower. You couldn't walk past the place without the police checking your bags. We stayed on the other side of the street as we headed up toward the park which wasn't much better. Got caught in a huge crush of lookers on and news people and the naked (almost) cowboy, who evidently shows up everywhere. Poor Tiffanys right next door!

    New York was like a southern town..everyone nice and willing to tell you directions or even walk you to where you wanted to go.

    Back home:

    I had purchased and draped garlands on my pier mirror as well as the large mirror on the dining room, but because is was early in December and the weather had been so warm, they looked sad when I got home. So down they came and I went to the tree lot, told them my situation and she gave me more at half the price, so I bought a small tree also and gave it to my son who lives in a condo nearby. He said the children in the neighborhood love coming over to

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