• Halloweens over...getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    Halloweens over...getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    It was with a sigh of relief THIS YEAR that all the Halloween is put away. So many trips to the attic and a basement room-up and down stairs.  My cemetary in the front looked great with an addition of two large skeleton dogs I bought at Grandin Road. And the caged screaming man hanging on the porch was a hit, as always.  I heard many..."your house is the best' s.  The trick or treaters who came this year were all very polite asking how many pieces of candy they could take. Some even picking through looking for their favorite pieces. One little girl dressed as a pig grabbed a handful and ran....hummm.

    Instead of the party of 40 we had 4 couples to dinner. The house was still decorated, but the evening was more fun for us-a lot less work- with a sit down.

    Now the house is stripped bare and I breath a sigh of relief. Something is in the wind. I keep packing bags and boxes and donating to Salvation army. I am going through drawers and cleaning closets.Too much clutter is making me nervous. I love to shop, but I am keeping my favorites and donating or selling my "eehh's."..however THAT is spelled.

    So on to Thanksgiving. 17 are coming. So happy. They are coming, I know, because my sister's "lost" son and his wonderful family are coming-except for the oldest boy who has joined the airforce (godbless him) and my brother's first wife who is driving her sick friend home to be with her family (godbless her also). It should be fun and wild and crazy and lots of catching up around here on Thursday the 24th.

    And lots of cooking (lord help me).

    Here's a photo of one of the tables (there will be two). I just bought a new diningroom table that will seat 12. Its pedestal 1840. Had to shop for 4 yards of material to cover it since my old table was just 96 inches long. But I love this animal fabric. Mary Jo's in Gastonia. drove back yesterday and got the same for the other table. What will I do with the shelves of tableclothes that are too short??? donate, of course. Get em out if I am not using them.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are all Human...lets be kind.

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