• Blue and white for summer

    Blue and white for summer

    I love blue and white in the summer months. This cute little birdie material I found recently at Mary Jo's. It has fringe on the edges and I "pinked" the ends. The china was my grandmother Isabella's, which she said was used as ballast on the ships that came to America. I don't have too many pieces of it, so most of the time its displayed in the corner cupboard. But I do have a setting for 6. If we don't have anyone over for dinner in the diningroom I will probably leave it set like this until August...but then again...I love changing out the table...so we shall see.

  • Echo 3 months old

    Echo 3 months old

    Look at those feet. And his smile. What a cutie. Lots of work!! The trainer comes tomorrow for our first session of 10.

    Echo can already fetch and come (if he wants to play), sit for food and to go outside.

    He also jumps and bites our legs and hands and won't sleep in the crate. 

    He will walk around the yard on a leash though and has made it through the night several times without using his pee pad.


  • Echo the golden doodle

    Echo the golden doodle

    Our new puppy Echo. Cute, so cute. But the biting with those little teeth...ouch. It can draw blood. And then there is the house training! In the early morning hours I wonder if we did the right thing by getting a puppy. We would have gotten a rescue, but so allergic to cats and dogs and doodles were the very best option. Do love him already...just worried about the months of training now...too late!

  • mushrooms and moss

    mushrooms and moss

    Somehow I missed taking photos of Halloween this year. We didn't have a party, just a few good friends over for dinner. Our friends don't like to dress up in costume, so I just ask them to wear black to match my table and all my black wonderful Halloween collections. Boy have I spent some money through the years.

    The porch looked great and the kids seemed to love it, so I was happy. It takes me days to decorate, a hundred trips to the attic and back. And it takes me days to put away, trying to keep things organized and labeled and all the trips up and down and into that ole attic. sigh.

    But I have to admit, after weeks covered in Halloween, I am happy just to do a Thanksgiving dining room. AND I find myself trying to "put away" as much as possible in the rest of the house to have a cleaner look. It's so wonderful to have it done.

    My "Calmer" Living Room

    I have probably mentioned these two blogs before, but I am mentioning them again. Cote de Texas


    and http://niagaranovice.blogspot.com Color outside the Lines ( He is also the cross bottle guy)

     I Rreally enjoy both of these and think you will too.

    One other thing. I just picked up my self published creative non-fiction book about my sister. Its a tiny thing, but to me a big accomplishment since I am not really a writer.

  • summer yard

    summer yard

    This is the path to what I call our Bistro area. There is a french bistro table and 4 chairs, a hanging concrete face of a man, as well as a zinc sign that is written in french. There used to be an urn with spashing water, but I have become too tired to continue to fill it as well as move the heavy urn and clean the pond out once or twice a year. So with the help of my younger son we filled it in and now it is just an urn. The planter you do see I took from my Mom's house when she died in 1998. It is the same color she had Will paint it. Will was a wonderful man who used to help Dad in the yard, directed by Mom, who I never saw do any yard work. She had the gift of vision, Dad and Will did the hard work.

    The two cannonball lights on the left were used on the streets at night when the city was doing road work. On Pinterest.com they call them smudge pot road flares. They were at Mom and Dad's in the garage. I have never tried to light them. In the bed of hosta's and ferns is a concrete ball as well as concrete bases and concrete architectural pieces. There are 5 large Fatsia's in the back against the beautiful wall that I copied from one I saw in town and had built in stages as we could afford it. Now it mostly encloses our entire yard except for a wooden privacy wall in the back hung with arched mirrors.

  • driftwood mirror

    driftwood mirror

    Not the best photo...so I'll probably take another one. I saw an ad for Ralph Lauren in a magazine and in the ad was a driftwood mirror. I wanted one badly, so when I was at the North Carolina coast I purchased some driftwood that had been found at Fort Fisher. Then back in Charlotte I found more driftwood at the Sleepy Poet. I called my favorite all around handy man and showed him the ad. We laid the driftwood out on the floor and he took it to his shop and made if for me. I love it and it really makes the room special.


  • Vignettes


    Love this concrete oxen and boy with faded blue paint. I used to be in sales and traveled quite a bit. On a trip to Alexandria and Washington I found him in Georgetown behind one of the antique stores. He sits on the hearth next to the brass Adam firebasket purchased at HomeFires in Charlotte when we enlarged our diningroom. I love love love fireplaces and would ideally have one in everyroom, including the bathroom, if I could afford it. sigh.

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